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Most Affordable Option

With high turnover of corrugated carton boxes turnover, technology advancement & strong relationship with our suppliers, we're able to achieve economies of scale in our business leading to a lower market price as compared to others.

Quality Assurance

All carton box are in brand new condition and have gone through a series of quality control assessments to ensure it meets our strict quality assurance policy.

Wide Customer Base

EzBox have accumulated a large customer base aside from our Partners, Manufacturers, SMEs etc throughout our operating period. With experience, we're able to cater different types of carton box requirements regardless individuals or businesses.

Express Delivery

We have 100% coverage throughout Malaysia (West & East). Delivery period for West Malaysia will be 1-2 days. Whereas, East Malaysia 3-4 days. You will receive your carton box in no time.

Custom Packaging Box

Finding for a specific size? Need labelling on for box packaging ? EzBox got you covered. We are able to provide customization for all sorts of corrugated box based on your requirements.

Exceptional Customer Service

We have a dedicated customer service team who are always ready to serve our customers. If you are seeking for assistance or enquiries on carton box, kindly contact our customer service line or e-mail to hello@ezbox.com.my immediately.

We Provide High Quality Carton Box at the most cost effective price, reducing company's packaging expenses by 20-40%

Sourcing for box packaging has really been easy and efficient with EzBox. We have been dealing with the company since day 1 and they never fail to deliver on time.




Our box daily turnover is pretty high as we are offering packaging service, this is why it is very crucial to obtain box supply in a quick manner. We can confidently deal and rely on EzBox as their lead time to deliver the RSCs is extremely quick.


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